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Asakusa & Tokyo Skytree Half-day Trip
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  • sinnmei4 posts
  • 09/01/2015
Comment This is my standard travel route.
It may be well-worn, but many of my foreign friends love it.
The new and the old, it should be interesting to experience both in one day!
I will also introduce a place to eat en route.
Budget \3500 ~  \4500
Approximate time required for traveling Half-day

Spot List of this Travel Course

1st day
1 Accomodations

Traveling to Oshigami Station by train : 1 minutes

2 Oshigami Station

Traveling to Tokyo Sky Tree on foot : 5 minutes

Tokyo Sky Tree
3 Tokyo Sky Tree

First, pick up the numbered ticket.
After that you can take photos if you wish.

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Traveling to Sensoji Temple on foot : 20 minutes

Sensoji Temple
4 Sensoji Temple

Senso-ji Temple was built in the beginning of 7th century, when two fishermen fished a statue of Kannon (the Buddhist goddess of mercy) from Sumida River. Since then, Asakusa had flourished as Senso-ji Temple's temple town. Nakamise-dori Street, with around 90 shops alongside, is perfect for shopping traditional Japanese souvenirs. Try the paper fortune or fresh-baked Ningyo-yaki (sponge cake filled with sweet red bean paste). Enjoy until the scheduled time on the numbered ticket approaches^^

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Traveling to Tokyo Sky Tree on foot : 20 minutes

Tokyo Sky Tree
5 Tokyo Sky Tree

Buy a ticket to finally go up Tokyo Skytree!
You may need to wait a bit, enjoy a pleasant conversation in the meantime.
If possible, I recommend you to go up to the viewing galleria on the top floor.
Don't settle for only the first observatory deck ^^

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Traveling to Tokyo Solamachi on foot : 5 minutes

Tokyo Solamachi
6 Tokyo Solamachi

Tokyo Solamachi is a shopping mall located beneath Tokyo Skytree.
Here you can find many souvenirs from Tokyo Skytree.
Other than shopping, take a rest or have something to eat.
Stop by and enjoy various shops and restaurant here after visiting Tokyo Skytree^^

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Traveling to Okonomi-yaki Narimachi on foot : 10 minutes

Okonomi-yaki Narimachi
7 Okonomi-yaki Narimachi

An okonomi-yaki and monjya-yaki (Japanese pizza or pancake) restaurant close to Tokyo Skytree and Oshigami station.
A good place to enjoy the traditional taste of an old commercial neighborhood.
Feel free to ask how to cook the pizza/pancake, or ask to have it cooked for you.
Recommended to stop by for a value for money meal when you visit Tokyo Skytree.

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