What kind of site is Akari Discovery?
Look at this.
Can anyone contribute it?
Anyone can contribute it if you can follow Terms of Use
What is word of mouth different from nice! in?
When nice! thinks that the contribution is good and got sympathy, I push it. The word of mouth registers comment.
How do you contribute the photograph?
When I advise it with a spot, I can place a photograph. If I choose the file and click it, it is uploaded.
A bug is found and is not available well.
I would like communication from an inquiry. I cope as possible immediately.
The page of the area unlike the city is displayed even if I search it in the city name.
When the area page of the searched city name does not exist, the area page that is a wide area more including the city is displayed.
I registered a spot, but the spot photograph is not reflected in the area top page (popular area part).
The photograph of the area top page (popular area part) becomes the daily update.
Please confirm it again after passing for a while.
Editing of the advice that registered by oneself cannot delete it.
In a system, editing, the deletion of shown advice information is not possible once.
If a correction, the addition of public contents is required, as で, additional information "to add a postscript to consultation contents" in the advice details page, I would like entry.
How does the expense of the member turn out?
As for the annual convention costs, the use charges are free for the time being, too.
Can only FaceBook user register?
No, anyone is available to the people whom an email is available to.
The person having you in an account in FaceBook can easily do a sign-in.
What do you do for that I delete the draft of the spot?
Because editing deletion is displayed beside a title when I have you choose a target spot among my page, please push the deletion button.
Can you not edit it when you show a spot?
At present, I become able to edit it, but there is a case to limit an editing feature a fixed period of time later.
Please tell me the method to delete the spot.
Because you cope in the headquarters, please contact me by an inquiry.
Please tell me the method to delete the course.
The deletion is possible from a detailed screen if you can choose a course target than a list of bookmark of my page.
But other users, please be careful because bookmark may be considered to be it.
Please tell me the method to delete the advice.
Because you cope in the headquarters, please contact me by an inquiry.
When it was asked you a question in English by an overseas person, will you write an answer in English?
Yes, I would like an answer in Japanese for a Japanese question in English for an English question.
Please tell me the method of the change of the image of my page.
I'm sorry. I cannot change it now.
I am going to cope to change it in the near future.
Please tell me the method of the withdrawal.
Is listed in the lower right of the member information page; "Resign"; can resign more.
I want to look for a friend, what should I do?
From search word input to become the menu, please search the nickname of the friend.
Can you not contact other users individually?
I'm sorry. I do not get the communication now.
I am going to cope to change it in the near future.
Is Japanese all right for the answer to question?
At this time, we have no translation function. I am going to incorporate translation by an adviser premeditatedly, but, please translate the present conditions as needed.
I make the spot in Japanese, and is it good?
Yes, you may have you make it in Japanese, but there is an effect in having you input the notation in English to have an overseas visitor look.
What should I do to look for a friend?
It changes on the user page when I click the name of the user. I can perform friend application from a button of the user page top right corner.
If there is a user making a spot and a course to be worried about, please make friend application positively. The details from this.
How is the examination carried out?
Contents to consider are page view of a contributed article, but judge it mainly after a judge added other contents.
Though I want to revise the contents which enrolled in a contest, what should I do?
Look at this.
As for the examination result, how does communication come?
I contact the person who had announcement and the prize in the site stolen by a direct email.