• Beautiful Colored leaves in Tokyo Area

    The best season for colored leaves is coming to the Kanto area including Tokyo soon!
    Today we have wrapped up some recommended spots here.
    You will forget that you are in the big city like Tokyo while you are enjoying these colored leaves!
    If you want to know more detailes on each spot like maps and other information of colored leaves, just click the photo.

    Here is colored leaves spots in Hokkaido

    Here is colored leaves spots in Tohoku

    Here is colored leases spots in Aomori prefecture.

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    One of the most recommended spots for colored leaves is "Kataraino Michi" or "Katarai Road" (Katarai means Chatting ). Best season is usually the middle of Nov.

    The contrast of leaves on the tree and leaves on the road is wonderful!
    You feel as if you are walking on the yellow carpet.

    A Japanese garden is in this park, then you can also enjoy another colored leaves there!

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    It was built in the early Edo Period (1600-1867) at the Tokyo residence of the Mito branch of the ruling Tokugawa family. Like its namesake in Okayama, the garden was named Korakuen after a poem encouraging a ruler to enjoy pleasure only after achieving happiness for his people. Koishikawa is the district in which the garden is located in.

    You can enjoy beautiful colred leaves here in the central Tokyo.

    Koyo Festival (Colored leaves Festival) will be between the middle of Nov and the early Oct.

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    The name Rikugi-en means Garden of the Six Principles of Poetry which comes from the idea of the six elements in waka poetry while “en” means garden or park. The park consists of a small pond, trees, and a hill. The traditional Japanese garden within the park is a tourist attraction.

    The best season of colored leaves is the end of Nov. there are more than 1100 trees here.
    We highly recommend to be here at night because you can enjoy seeing them all light up.

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    It is known one of the most recommended spots in Tokyo. Beside colored leaves, you can enjoy seasonal views for the whole a year.
    The best season for colored leaves are between the middle of Nov and the end of Nov. Especially at the end of Nov you can enjoy red leaves here.
    After Dec. the view turn to Winter mode.
    You can take a ride on boat. It is 600yen for a hour
    There is a rumor that the couple who enjoy this boat will break up?!

    Things to do at Inokashira park:
    Ride the swan boat, Popcorn, visit Inokashira Zoo, watch free show, walking, visit Benzaiten Shrine, Feed the fish and Feed the ducks.

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    This park is known as beautiful spot for cherry blossoms. In Fall, the color of these trees will change. There are more than 1200 trees.

    We recommend you to be here before sun set.

    In fall, the garden in the North of Tokyo National Museum is opened and you can walk in.